About Us

Kendel-Dezoete Designs combines design mastery with unparalleled craftsmanship, enhanced by state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to offer a virtual glimpse of your completed project BEFORE construction starts.

“Our approach is both pragmatic and client-focused.”

Our History

Founded in 2014, Kendel-Dezoete Designs strived to fill the local need of interior design and planning from a function-first approach while incorporating the client’s vision with the proper details and styling to suit the home. The new partnership between Brian Kendel and Mike Dezoete brought together two like-minded designers, both with a background in the cabinet making and production side of things as well as two individuals with their own style and design-eye.

What started out as a design-only service, focusing on working with clients to reimagine their current, or new-to-them home, and assisting with project management using the various local trades and suppliers, quickly morphed into the premier design/build kitchen and bath supply and renovation companies in the 1000 Islands region.

Starting out with just their remote home offices, conducting partnership meetings in a local coffee shop, and attending in-home meetings with clients allowed Kendel-Dezoete to not only build their clientele base, but also their business in general. It quickly became apparent that a dedicated space to be together to design and meet with clients was critical. Finding the perfect location was going to be key, especially a location that embodied what KDD was, and hoped to be.

Ironically, right next door to the local coffee shop they met at frequently was an old Victorian house that was just waiting for its next owners to continue its story. Through what can only be described as fate, Brian approached the owners, past clients of his, and was able to purchase the home. The clients shared the vision that Brian had for the house and were encouraged, and encouraging, with the long, arduous process of bringing the structure back to life. Over the next number of years, 12 Victoria Ave, downtown Brockville, was transformed into the magnificent building it once was, while updating and amending it to suit its new and future needs. This building exemplifies what KDD stands for – old world strength, structure, and integrity coupled with new, forward-thinking stylings – wrapped in the design of a bygone era. The tone is set the minute you walk up the stairs and into the main showroom where the eye candy and eclectic finishings allow your imagination to wonder.

Once in their new space, it became apparent that KDD would need to be more than just a design service as their clientele were struggling to see their projects through to reality without a central supplier and installer to ensure KDD’s designs were realized to their full potential. Bringing in suppliers they had worked with over the years and sourcing new ones to satisfy the ever-changing landscape of the kitchen and bath world quickly changed what KDD was. Now they had the capabilities of not only designing and managing the spaces, but sourcing, supplying, and installing the various products created a design/build powerhouse. Clients were, and continue to be, brought through the complete process of dreams, designs, and reality, being able to live in their home as captured and presented by Kendel-Dezoete Designs.

While kitchens and bathrooms are their forte, consider KDD for any interior project—be it a mudroom, office, walk-in closet, bedroom, and other living spaces. They specialize in crafting or reimagining spaces to align with your vision while ensuring proper function, styling, and efficiency. If you find generating new ideas daunting, their talented team of visionary experts are ready to collaborate with you and bring your concepts to life. Their adept project management ensures meticulous oversight, strict adherence to the design plan, and consciousness of timelines and budgets, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within scope.